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The Last Pair of Jeans You’ll Ever Need

There are not many things you can use all day every day that actually improve with time. Texas-based Paleo Denim is raw, which means it conforms to your shape and movements the more you wear it. No two pairs of jeans are ever worn alike, and that’s exactly what Richard Cole, the single craftsman and tailor at Paleo Denim, had in mind. These jeans are selvedge, which means they were woven, a process that makes the most enduring jeans possible. Denim of this caliber requires special treatment, or rather, a lack of conventional treatment. These jeans are not designed to be machine-washed. So chances are, if you see someone wading into the ocean in their jeans and emerging only to rub sand all over them, they are wearing high-quality selvedge. Be patient as Paleo Denim prepares for its second production run. Despite the demand, Cole simply isn’t willing to compromise quality for speed. Jeans start at $210.

To learn more, visit paleodenim.