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Bounty and Barrel: A Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Dinner Series

We make our whiskey for many reasons. Because we care a whole lot about our craft. Because we like doing things a little bit differently. And most of all, because one-of-a-kind experiences are far greater when they’re shared. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a dinner series unlike any other: Bounty & Barrel.

Over the next couple of months, we’re hosting gatherings at five distinct locations around the country, in places as unique as Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel itself. We’re partnering with some of the most respected and innovative chefs around to craft a dinner that lives up to their standards, and ours. Each one will prepare a meal their own way, using their signature methods and local ingredients to bring something entirely different to the table. And each dinner will feature crafted Single Barrel cocktails that complement the meal.

As the dinners approach, we’ll update The Single Barrel Standard with more details. Here’s what we know for now.

New York- 03/26/2014 – Purchase Tickets
Chicago- 04/09/2014 – Purchase Tickets
Austin- 04/16/2014 - Purchase Tickets
San Francisco- 04/19/2014 - Purchase Tickets
Nashville- 04/22/2014 - Purchase Tickets

Omri Aflalo
Jimmy Bannos Jr.
Jimmy Bannos Sr.
David Bazirgan
Maneet Chauhan
Mark Fiorentino
Amanda Freitag
Jason Halverson
Laurence Jossel
Sam Mason
Nick Mautone
Ed McFarland
Deb Paquette
Paul Qui
Daniel Rose
Aarón Sánchez
Mindy Segal
Bradford Thompson
William Werner